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Video is not touched on by most and can be as simple or complicated as you like. What I've tried to do is create some entertaining footage by merging music and videotogether. I'm pleased with all the results so far, please download them and tell me what you think on the message board. They are quite large but well worth it and if you are going to just watch 1, please please please make it the Happy Daze Extra, aslong as your over 18 that is!

Happy Daze Extra
While recording for Happy Daze, obviously there were quite a few out-takes, heres one extremely rude dude thats had his ashtray knocked over. Lots and lots of swearing, steady breakbeat through to D+B, you will sure to laugh (even if you dont know phil!) The best Drum+Bass video chop up,
highly amusing, lots of swearing!

My Mates Music Video
Take a shed load of footage of all of your mates over the past 10years, chop it up and hey presto!

Happy Daze
Starting off as a film script, Phil macfarlaine, lots of friends and myself spent two weekends recording footage while already listening to the soundtrack. Again, really pleased with the result, humurous, serious, arty, seedy and well worth a look at.

Through the Grapefruit
A Charity Music Event on Sunday 27th October that raised £200 for the'Friends of the Earth' charity. Lots of fresh talent, DJs, MCs, Bands and Solo Artists....Markus has got Bob Marley down to a 'B'!.


KWIM - Know what I mean!
My first music video mix up, from the streets and skate park of Whittlesey to Peterboroughs Monkey Bar..."chop dub"

Monkeying Around
A lot of footage from the TV, skateboarding, breakdancing, Rolf Harris & Marys Cat band. Very entertaining, funny with a catchy sound track, what more could you want?


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